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Laura's Australia Adventure

Uluru Exploration, Flight into Cairns, and Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure – Day 6

Monday, June 1, 2009

We woke early in the morning to get ready for the big day ahead of us. We went off to witness the sunset on the amazing rock, Uluru. After the beautiful photography moment, we further explored Uluru. We had a close up look at a watering hole, an old cover for the Aboriginal women and children, and even places where we could touch the rock itself. We were then dropped off at the resort shopping center where we bought our lunches. After we ate our delicious lunch, we were headed to the airport to reach Cairns, a humid and hot region where were very happy to feel sunshine on our backs and have warmth on our skin. After a quick trip to the Hartley’s Crocodile Adventure, we learned all about crocodiles and their difference between alligators. I even got a chance to interview the people that showed us all about crocs and other native Australian species. Their names where David and Bo, and we asked them many questions. The video will be uploaded soon. We had a delicious dinner and a ride to our new hotel, Mercure.


Susan said...

I missed the blogs and tweets while your group was traveling in the Outback, but what a unique experience you had while there.
Look forward to seeing the video. Thanks for sharing your adventure.
Mrs. Jensen's mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

WOW! You are covering so many things. I feel very lucky to be experiencing your trip through your words. You are a tremendous writer. You bring the place right to me. I will keep checking back.
Love you,

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Duration 14 days
When May 25th - June 7th, 2009
Focus Marine Biology
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