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Laura's Australia Adventure

The Otway Fly -Day Two

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Today we visited the amazing Otway Fly where we learned all about the rainforest. We even planted the largest tree native to Australia, the Mountain Ash. We also planted the million year tree called Myrtle Beach. The Myrtle Beach tree fed the dinosaurs, so planting one myself made me connect to the time of the dinosaurs. We traveled a small part of the rainforest mostly by elevated platforms that connected to each other all throughout a section of the forest. Next our guide, Peter, showed us to a near creek where he gathered some fresh water for us all to drink. Surprisingly enough, the water was extremely clear and fresh. It was even better than bottled water! Next, we made an uphill journey back to the main building. After we arrived at the main building, we had a quick bathroom break. We boarded the bus and we headed to the hotel to freshen up. Next, we went to the Amazing Melbourne 360 degree view restaurant and we viewed the amazing night cityscape. We were finished eating, so we started the drive back to the hotel to get ready to make a new blog posting, and have a great night of sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,
Following your blog! What an experience. Can't wait to hear more.

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